Melanie Buffa – Landscape Designer

Melanie is a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She majored in Landscape Architecture and has a strong horticultural knowledge from her years working in a nursery. Her background stems from design/build and as such has a deep understanding into how the things she designs are built.


Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Melanie feels a strong duty to help beautify her community and make a positive impact. She has worked on projects such as the San Luis Obispo Creek Restoration project and the Pasadena Showcase house as an assistant designer.


Melanie is currently undergoing the process to becoming a certified arborist. She has a love for plants and even gardens at home to stay inspired. But mostly, she is known as the “go-to plant person”.


Outside of the office Melanie loves to travel. Her top favorite places she’s visited are Italy, Spain, and Japan. She knows four languages and is hoping to add more under her belt as time goes on. She also enjoys playing guitar, singing, playing soccer, salsa dancing and D.I.Y crafts.


Bright, cheerful, and with a positive attitude, Melanie will help you with any project or problem, big or small.